Junk Removal Tips For The Everyday Penny Pincher

First Choice Junk Removal

Hopefully, that is the last major snowfall we see for this year. Never thought, up until I started running my own business, that I would be upset to have a snow day. With that being said, let’s make this year a good one and start it off right. Maybe that involves starting that new Ronnie Coleman “Get me jacked for summer routine” or maybe even starting to save for that home in Vancouver ? or even just starting to declutter your house. Good news, First Choice can help with all three of those things well… more so just with the last thing. Here are some tips that will help you with getting rid of your junk.

Gift it to Family or Friends

Have an uncle or aunt that never knows what you want for Christmas. Well, instead of wrapping up season one of Golden Girls maybe, they would appreciate an old and rustic pull out couch you think would look so dashing in their home. Trust me, everyone loves heavy, awkward to move, pull out couches. Pawning your unwanted goods on your family is almost as good as saying I love you ??

Donate Your Used Furniture!

In most cases, places like Salvation Army, Crossroads Hospice Society, and some thrift shops will take donations to help people in need. Even though some thrift shops do practice in the reselling of goods for profit, what is important is that the item is being recycled, reused and passed on to someone new for a much lower than retail price. If the items you have are in good condition and can’t find the time to donate then in most cases the junk removal company you select will donate on your behalf so that your items can be reused.

Selling on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

A piece of advice I always like to share with my clients is that in most cases the items you are about to throw away may still have value to them. Although the process to sell your goods does require some work, the end payout is that you will save some of your hard-earned money. If you do decide to go through the process make sure you don’t spend too much of your own time. Try to keep taking pictures and posting them online under 5 minutes. Also, always get the buyer to come to you, the less work you have to do the better!

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