Appliance Removal in Metro Vancouver

Appliance Removal in Metro Vancouver

Looking to upgrade your appliances, or have some unwanted ones that you haven’t used in a while? No worries, First Choice can help you with your appliance removal. If you are concerned about the stairs or some tight corners inside your house, don’t be! Two strong, uniformed, and professional crew members will happily remove even the most difficult types of household junk removal items like fridges, deep freezers, washers, dryers, and much more. Book appliance removal services today!

Types Of Appliances We Take


  Water Tanks

  Hot Tubs
  Small Kitchen Appliances
  and Much More!

How We Do It

A friendly, uniformed First Choice truck team will arrive at your location within the selected time frame you booked and provide you with an all-inclusive FREE estimate. Once a price is agreed upon, the fun begins, and we start removing your unwanted appliances. At First Choice Junk Removal we have the knowledge, and equipment to safely remove old appliances from your home, and recycle them responsibly. Please look below at our environmental guarantee for appliance removal services.

Our Environmental Guarantee

Many old appliances such as fridges and air conditioning units contain harmful ozone-depleting chemicals. Appropriate steps must be taken to ensure that they are disposed of and recycled suitably so that these chemicals are not released into the environment. Rest assured we will gladly remove and recycle the unwanted appliances in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Donations! Donations! Donations!

We take pride in our commitment to donating unwanted goods. If your appliances are still in good condition, we work with Big Brothers, Diabetes Canada, Value Village, and other local businesses to help donate these items. There is never a good reason to drop something off at a landfill when it is in perfect working condition, and someone else out there may need it. We try to give back to the community as much as possible by providing this service and excelling at it.

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Business Services

Do you own a business or manage a property? With on-time service, same-day removal, and zero hidden fees, we make every job an enjoyable experience. View our business services page to learn how First Choice can help you with your business needs.

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