Debris Removal in Metro Vancouver

Debris Removal in Metro Vancouver

Have you just finished a home renovation or trimming down some pesky bushes in your yard? First Choice offers you a simple debris removal solution to make that pile you’ve got disappear. Just show us your rubbish, and watch us happily get to work on it for you. The best part is you don’t even have to lift a finger!

A free, onsite, all-inclusive estimate is always provided by our friendly uniformed truck team to determine the price of the removal. Once the price is agreed upon, the fun begins for us, and the stress is off your shoulders. Book debris removal services today!

Types Of Debris We Take



  Scrap Metal
  Yard Waste
  Wooden Pallets
  and Much More!

How We Do It

With a crew of two, it should never take us long to remove all of your junk that has piled up. Once everything is loaded into our truck, we will take it to the appropriate facilities for recycling and disposal. If you have any questions about your renovation debris or yard waste piles, call the professionals at First Choice Junk Removal. We will be happy to answer them for you!

Caring For The Environment

Many items that are thrown away do not necessarily go straight into the landfill. Some materials like concrete, wiring, wood, and yard waste all have specific places where they can be taken to get recycled. At First Choice Junk Removal we try to keep at least 50% of everything we take out of the landfill by either recycling or donating it.

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Business Services

Do you own a business or manage a property? With on-time service, same-day removal, and zero hidden fees, we make every job an enjoyable experience. View our business services page to learn how First Choice can help you with your business needs.

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